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Fender & Rope Work Classes

Quick Details

Skipton Boat Trips is pleased to announce that we are having a professional Fender Maker, Neil Clegg, come into Skipton and host a series of master classes this December, January, and February in the art of rope work. Neil Clegg is a professional Fender Maker and member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers. Neil is one of only a handful of professional Fender Makers left in the U.K. and he lives and works on his narrow boat full time, traveling around the North of England plying his craft. Come and join Neil on board the Dalesman to learn this fun and unique skill!

Please note that class sizes will be very limited so that each student can get quality time whilst being instructed by Neil. No previous rope work skills are required to attend any of these classes, all equipment and materials will be provided.

All Day Class
Intro Class (Dec 19)

Fender making class – Making a Side (Bottle) Fender.
Date TBD from 10 am to 4 pm
Full Ploughman’s lunch provided
Tea and coffee provided

In this class, Neil will be teaching you all the skills you need to make a bottle fender, also known as a side fender. Neil will not only supply all the materials and tools, but will also teach you step-by-step all the knots, bites, twists and turns required.
At the end of this class you will take away not only a real, usable side or bottle fender, but the skills required to make your own for years to come.

Rope Splicing class.
Date TBD from 10 am to 4 pm
Ploughman’s lunch, Tea and coffee provided

Come along and learn the art of splicing rope. In this class Neil will teach you the techniques to make different splices. These different techniques include how to make:
Soft eye splice – loop on the end of a rope
End splice – splice at the end of a rope to stop it fraying or coming apart.
Short splice – joining two ropes together, or repairing a frayed or broken rope.

All useful skills even if you not a boater! At the end of this class you will take away, not only the work you have done, but more importantly, the skills to do it again and again.