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Explore the Waters: A Memorable Self-Drive Day Boat Adventure

Are you ready for a day of adventure on the water? Look no further than our Self-Drive Day Boats! Here’s what awaits you:

Before you set Sail

Navigating Your Day: From Packing to Paperwork

  1. Pack Smart: Before setting sail, remember to bring your essentials. While we provide a kettle and hob, you’ll need to bring other items like milk, teabags, cups, and spoons. Don’t worry; we’ve got plenty of water for your kettle. Plus, we offer hand soap, washing-up liquid, tea towels, loo rolls, and a bin bag.
  2. Lunch Options: We’re happy to prepare a delicious lunch for your group, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. And yes, there’s room for a cooler bag—just no refrigerator onboard. Alternatively, consider stopping at one of the three charming pubs along the route. The White Lion in Kildwick, about halfway through your day, is a local favourite.
  3. Weather-Ready: England’s weather can be unpredictable, so dress appropriately. Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds or rebookings due to inclement weather. Bring your rain gear and suitable footwear—the towpath can get muddy and slippery.
  4. Arrival Details: On the day of your adventure, aim to arrive at our car park between 9:30 am and 9:45 am. Typically, we have ample parking spaces available at this time. If our free parking area is full, don’t worry; a paid parking option is just a two-minute walk away.
  5. Booking Process: When you arrive, the person who made the booking (or the designated responsible person) will visit our office to complete the necessary paperwork. Keep in mind that we also require a £50 deposit upon check-in, and we prefer to do this by card.

View of boats under canal bridge

Setting Sail Safely

Safety First: Your Boat Master’s Briefing

As you step aboard our Self-Drive Day Boat, prepare for an adventure like no other! But before you cast off, safety takes centre stage. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Thorough Safety Briefing: Your Boatmaster, a seasoned pro, will guide you through a comprehensive safety briefing. From a detailed checklist to hands-on instructions, they’ll cover everything you need to know about operating the boat safely.
  2. Pay Attention: Listen up! This is your chance to ask questions and soak in essential tips. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a first-timer, our Boatmaster’s expertise ensures a smooth voyage.
  3. The Red Book: Oops, forgot something. Fear not! Onboard, you’ll find a large red book packed with vital information. It’s your nautical encyclopedia—whether you need to know about emergency procedures or where to find the best canalside picnic spots.
  4. Team Assistance: Our crew is here for you! We’re dedicated to making your experience exceptional. Have a query? Need assistance? Just ask—we’re all hands on deck. We’ll also leave a contact number for you to call if you need us.
  5. Last Resort: Sometimes, even the best-laid plans hit a wave. If all else fails, consider us your maritime lifeline. We can send someone out to lend a helping hand.

Navigating the Waters

Smooth Sailing Ahead

With safety squared away, it’s time to hoist the sails (figuratively speaking) and set course for adventure:

  1. Test Run: Once everyone feels shipshape with the boat’s controls, your Boatmaster will take you on a brief sail. It’s like a test drive, but on water! We want every captain in your crew to feel confident and ready.
  2. Sunshine Awaits Picture this: gliding across tranquil waters, sunbeams dancing on the surface. As you sail, soak in the beauty of the (hopefully) sunny day. The world feels different from the back and front deck of your boat.
  3. Leeds Bound: Join the majority—99% of our customers—heading toward Leeds. The journey unfolds along picturesque waterways, passing charming villages, Farnhill woods, and lush greenery. Keep an eye out for hidden gems like the Polish war memorial.
  4. Kildwick Pit Stop: About halfway through your day, you’ll reach the delightful village of Kildwick. The White Lion pub beckons—a perfect spot for refueling and swapping tales of your voyage.
  5. Locks and Limits: While adventure awaits, remember: no lock-picking skills needed! Going toward Gargrave is an option, but locks are off-limits. Safety first, always.

Ready to Chart Your Course? Book your Self-Drive Day Boat now and let the river carry you toward memories that ripple forever! 🌊⚓

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