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SBT reopening again on July 4th!

We will now be reopening for a very limited service from July 4th. We’ve implemented a lot of changes, most notably we will only be running at a capacity were we can following social distancing guidelines. In most cases this means we will be running at less than 50% capacity, so we encourage you to book online in advance.

Due to the coronavirus, all boat trips on the Dalesman and Cobbydale from 20th March to 30th of June were suspended. This included all 1-hr public trips, public afternoon tea cruises, gin cruises, roast dinner cruises, etc.

If you were booked between these dates and you would like to switch your tickets to a new date, or switch to a voucher valid for two years, please email us at We were able to contact 95% of these passengers via email, so it’s possible our email to you ended up in your spam folder.

Since we’ve been away we have been working hard to get the boats ready with very limited staff – luckily we were able to furlough everyone else. Please visit our FAQ page to see in more detail some of the changes we will be making over the coming weeks and months.